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Medical Billing Certification Training Courses & Schools Online

The U.S. healthcare system depends on accurate information being communicated between patients, healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies. To ensure that medical bills represent the care patients actually received, the system relies upon medical billing specialists to compile, research, and communicate billing costs to the patient and insurance companies. Medical billing specialists ensure that health care providers receive full payments for their services.

Medical billing specialists perform advanced clerical tasks and financial processing. They work closely with healthcare providers and insurance companies to request and process payments.

As a student in a medical billing program, you will learn the process of entering patient information into databases, as well as become familiar with medical terminology, pathology, anatomy, basic pharmacology, medical ethics and laws, and the financial practices of hospitals and insurance companies. You will also learn federal regulations that address patient privacy and insurance eligibility.

The Differences Between Medical Billing and Medical Coding

The tasks assigned to medical billers and medical coders in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations are closely related. These tasks may be performed by a single person with extensive knowledge of both fields, or there may be different people handling the various stages of documentation, research, and billing.

Medical billing specialists focus on collecting payments from patients and insurance companies to ensure healthcare providers are compensated for their services. These professionals possess a strong working knowledge of insurance plans. They determine the amount a patient should pay and what amount should be billed to the insurance company.

Medical coding specialists, on the other hand, understand the ICD and CPT codes that apply to all medical procedures and diagnostics. They are responsible for coding patients’ bills accurately so they can be processed correctly.

Become a Certified Professional Biller

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) offers professional certification in medical billing. Many employers require this certification for their medical billing professional staff. The Certified Professional Biller (CPB) exam is an open book, proctored exam consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions. To become a Certified Professional Biller, you will need to:

  • understand the different stages of the billing process.

  • possess a strong command of the different types of commercial and government-sponsored insurance plans.

  • be able to process claims and follow up with payees.

  • understand healthcare, insurance, and billing regulations; particularly HIPAA, the False Claims Act, Fair Debt Collections Act, and Stark Law.

  • research coverage for patients.

  • actively pursue payment or coverage denials issued by insurance companies.

Prepare For the CPB Exam

The courses on this site cover the different sections of the CPB exam and provide an overview of the material you will need to master in order to successfully complete the CPB exam.

The exam will include questions on:

  • types of insurance plans.

  • the billing process.

  • processing claims.

  • federal privacy and billing regulations.

  • the collections process.

  • medical coding (basic knowledge).

  • claims analysis.

To learn more about certification and the Certified Professional Biller exam, visit the American Academy of Professional Coders website.

FAQ About Medical Billing

Q: Do I need a degree to become a medical billing specialist?

A: Degrees are not essential to find work in this field. You can improve your career prospects with coursework in finance, accounting, business, or health care-related fields.

Q: How important is certification?

A: Most jobs in medical billing will require CPB certification offered by the AAPC.

Q: How can I advance in my career?

A: Billing management or administration jobs within healthcare providers’ offices are possible career advancements for a medical biller. You might also consider a degree in science, accounting, business, or healthcare administration to advance further in your career.

Q: Do I need to be certified for both medical billing and coding?

A: Though not necessary for a career in the medical billing field, certification in both fields will open up more potential job opportunities.

Q: Does CPB certification allow me to start my own business?

A: Yes, once you have your certification you can either work for a healthcare provider directly or open your own practice and contract with hospitals or individual providers.

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Free Guide to Medical Billing

Table of Contents
Ch. 01

Course 1: The Medical Claims Process

This course focuses on describing the medical claims process. It also includes an introduction of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), managed care plans, and public insurance.

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Ch. 02

Course 2: The Medical Billing Process

This course focuses on describing the medical billing process and the duties of a medical insurance specialist. This course also provides an overview of patient management starting with scheduling an appointment to collecting payments for the healthcare services.

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Ch. 08

Course 8: Medical Billing Errors

This course focuses on describing all the medical billing errors along with the ways to catch and correct these errors early. This course also highlights the differences between a denied and a rejected claim.

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Top Medical Billing Awards

Allan Hancock College

Santa Maria, CA More Info

Allan Hancock College offers a Medical Billing Certification option under the Medical Assisting program. This nights-only program is only available by application, but it covers the details of billing and coding in the medical field. The program concludes in the certification exam offered through the National Healthcareer Association; this ensures compliance with national standards so graduates are prepared for employment anywhere in the country.

Blinn College

Brenham, TX More Info

Blinn College has a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Certificate program through the Information Management department. The program allows flexibility to 0 future plans. The curriculum is specifically designed for students seeking to enter the workforce immediately; graduates are competent in all of the skills and tools of the profession. However, the course-work easily transfers for credit in a degree program to suit students intended further study.

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Martinsburg, WV More Info

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College offers a Medical Billing and Coding program. The 70 credit hours provides students with the skills in insurance forms and reimbursement, CPT and ICD-9 medical code systems, medical terminology, and coding for specialty fields. With this program and practical work experience of two years or less, graduates should qualify for any national professional certification exam for billing and coding specialists.

Canada College

Redwood City, CA More Info

Canada College offers an Associate in Science for the Medical Billing Specialist. The required classes for this comprehensive program includes medical billing competencies, but also general education, physical education, and ethnic studies. Alternatively, a certificate program is available for students preferring a shorter, more focused program. Essentially, the certificate program's curriculum consists entirely of the medical billing core requirements from the associate degree program. Therefore, students desiring fast entry into the workforce may opt for the certificate, then complete the degree program at a later time.

Central Arizona College

Coolidge, AZ More Info

Central Arizona College offers the Coding and Reimbursement Certificate for those interested in medical billing. Part of the Health Careers District program, the 34 credit hours in the curriculum also qualify for a Health Information Technology degree. Furthermore, all courses count as elective credits at North Arizona University for graduates seeking a four-year degree.

Coahoma Community College

Clarksdale, MS More Info

Coahoma Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Billing and Coding Technology for prospective students interested in medical billing. The comprehensive degree program takes two years to complete; basic academics and the career technology core round out the 74 credit hours comprising the program. This long program allows some flexibility for students; quality study options focus on accounting, behavioral sciences, and databases.

Coastal Carolina Community College

Jacksonville, NC More Info

Coastal Carolina Community College has multiple options for medical billing. The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program is designed specifically to ace the Certified Professional Coders exam given by the American Academy of Professional Coders. The understanding is that certification equates to 20% higher pay for employees. Both online and on-campus options exist, as well as day and evening and schedules.

College of Lake County

Grayslake, IL More Info

College of Lake County has the Medical Billing Specialist Certificate plan. The certificate is part of the Health Information Technology program, so most of the course-work can be applied toward an associate degree in health information technology. The program elicited 100% passing students on the national certification exam.

Columbia Basin College

Pasco, WA More Info

Columbia Basin College a Professional Technical Certificate for Medical Billing Clerk program. The curriculum consists of 12 courses related to the major; the rest of the classes fulfill the general education requirements of this well-rounded program. The entire program can be completed in only one year, facilitating quick entry into the workplace.

Community Care College

Tulsa, OK More Info

Community Care College has a Medical Billing and Coding degree program. The Associate in Occupational Science degree program focuses on the computer interactions required by medical billing and coding technicians in the workplace. The classes recognize the importance of personalized instruction for students with experienced instructors. This college offers choices to accommodate various schedules and needs; the degree can be earned entirely online or on-campus, and qualifying students may obtain career assistance.

Dade Medical College-Hollywood

Hollywood, FL More Info

Dade Medical College-Hollywood has the Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding degree program. The curriculum is mostly focused on workplace entry rather than merely passing a certification exam. The program's 1160 clock hours are usually completed in 18 months; 100 percent of students graduate on-time. Post-program job placement for graduates is also 100 percent.

Daymar College-Scottsville

Scottsville, KY More Info

Daymar College-Scottsville has a program offering a Professional Technical Certificate for Medical Billing Clerk through the Administrative Office Technology department. The curriculum is designed for college-ready students; while 49 credit hours are devoted to the specialty, a minimum of 18 are for general education purposes, including typing proficiency. Upon completion, graduates are ready for immediate employment as medical billing clerks.

Daytona College

Ormond Beach, FL More Info

Daytona College has both a degree program and diploma program for prospective medical billing technicians. The Medical Billing Technician diploma has courses integral to the Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding program, so students can enter the workforce immediately with the diploma while continuing their education toward associate level. The programs have the recognition of the National Healthcare Association, and graduates will qualify to take professional certification exams such as the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist, Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist, and the American Academy of Professional Coders' CPC-A certification.

Delaware County Community College

Media, PA More Info

Delaware County Community College presents the Certificate of Competency in Medical Billing program. The curriculum is short at only two semesters, but provides the skills needed by medical billing technicians in any medical environment.

Fresno City College

Fresno, CA More Info

Fresno City College offers an accelerated certificate program for medical billing. In merely eight months, students can acquire a Certificate of Completion in Medical Billing Assistance. The program is comprised of six months in the classroom, followed by an internship lasting two months. Although the curriculum is designed to move students into the workforce immediately, it compromises by allowing course credits to apply toward the institution's Associate of Science degree, even allowing transference to a four-year baccalaureate degree program. The entire program costs less than $2000, one of the best values.

Goodwin College

East Hartford, CT More Info

Goodwin College has a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program of two semesters. The content of the program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to advance in the field of medical billing and coding; graduates qualify to take the Certified Professional Coders exam through the American Academy of Professional Coders. Optionally, students may complete an internship for credit in the program.

Kishwaukee College

Malta, IL More Info

Kishwaukee College offers a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program as part of the Office Systems program. The curriculum is oriented toward administrative assistants in medical settings whose duties often include billing and coding. The certificate program can be completed in 11 months. The program has a 73% rate of on-time completion by graduates; of those graduates, 47% placed in related employment.

Lord Fairfax Community College

Middletown, VA More Info

Lord Fairfax Community College offers the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program. The curriculum is intended for career-minded individuals, both those seeking first-time employment and those advancing their current careers as medical billing assistants, medical coders, or medical insurance specialists. The program can be completed in one year on the standard, full-time schedule of three to four classes each semester.

Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles, CA More Info

Los Angeles City College offers a Basic Certificate of Completion in Basic Medical Billing program. The curriculum is intended for medical administrative assistants needing to handle billing; it introduces records management, medical billing, and insurance preparation in California's health systems. The certificate program integrates well with the overarching Associate degree and Medical Office Assistant Certificate programs.

Mayfield College

Cathedral City, CA More Info

Mayfield College offers a program for Medical Billing and Coding in the Front Office. The curriculum includes medical terminology, law and ethics, billing and coding systems, and insurance processing. In addition to class work, students must complete a local externship.

Medical Billing Schools Directory

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School Name Location Type Setting
Academy College Minneapolis, MN Hybrid Suburb
Academy of Careers and Technology Beckley, WV Campus Town
Academy of Court Reporting and Technology - Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Campus City
Academy of Court Reporting and Technology - Cleveland Cleveland, OH Campus City
Academy of Health Care Professions - Austin Austin, TX Campus City
Academy of Health Care Professions - Northwest Houston, TX Campus City
Academy of Health Care Professions - Southwest Houston, TX Campus City

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