ICD-10 Guide

ICD-10 Guide Table of Contents
Ch. 01

ICD-10 Introduction

Start here to understand the background leading up to the industry adoption of ICD-10. This introduction covers a brief history of medical coding standards and an overview of ICD-10. You'll see why this change must occur as well as what it means for the healthcare organizations, professionals and the future of medical billing and coding classification.

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Ch. 02

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our comprehensive FAQ to understand the details of ICD-10. You'll learn about the differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10, what is ICD-10-PCS and how to implement HIPAA 5010. This page is great for quick and easy answers to your questions about the new protocol.

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Ch. 03


The three groups affected by ICD-10 are the providers (clinics, hospitals, independent physicians), vendors (software providers, clearinghouses, third-party billing services) and payers (insurance companies, third-party funding agencies). For each entity, there are specific changes and recommendations to ensure a smooth transition so all milestones are met.

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Ch. 04

Issues and Concerns

The switch to ICD-10 creates both solutions and problems within the healthcare industry, proving to be a controversial overhaul. These proposed benefits and drawbacks of adopting the coding protocol are wildly debated between healthcare pundits. Here are the common concerns organizations have regarding ICD-10 and analysis so you understand both sides of the argument.

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Ch. 05


Planning to meet all the ICD-10 implementation deadlines requires a solid plan for upgrade and overhaul. All aspects of businesses and organizations need to be carefully examined to prepare for the massive update. Everything from claims processing to risk adjustment will be significantly affected. These strategies will enable you to facilitate a successful transition for your organization.

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Ch. 06

Documents and Resources

To compliment the monumental change ICD-10 brings upon healthcare, there is a large amount of official documents from organizations like the WHO, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and AAPC. These documents are useful for anyone looking for official instruction and reference. A collection of the best blogs, forums and online resources that focus on ICD-10 is also provided.

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