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MedicalBillingAndCodingOnline.com is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource on everything you need to know about medical billing and coding. Our goal is to provide reliable data to prospective billing and coding students so they can make informed decisions about whether to pursue this career. We are not affiliated with any schools or professional billing and coding associations, and seek only to provide an unbiased perspective for students.

Whether you have questions about certification, vocabulary, or the general process of medical billing and coding, you’ll find answers to these questions and more. You’ll find a series of 15 courses covering every aspect of medical billing and coding, including information on the insurance claims process, medical billing errors, insurance and healthcare providers, and Medicare and Medicaid. Our experts have also researched ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, as well as CPT modifiers you’ll use every day on the job.

We’ve also explored the various types of accreditation for schools providing medical billing and coding certification, as well as potential jobs and salaries for medical billers and coders. You’ll also find detailed information on how to secure medical insurance while you work toward getting your certification.

The world of medical billing and coding can be confusing and intimidating. The subject itself is complex and highly detailed. Our intention is to provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive resource for exploring this essential component of the healthcare industry. We strive to assist you in your education in medical billing and coding in every way we can, so that you can move forward with your career with confidence and new skills.

Kelly M. Shea

Resident Expert


Kelly M. Shea is a health care management professional with expertise in health care and business administration. Over the course of her fifteen-year career working in the medical industry, Kelly has become CPAR certified, been accepted as a member of AAPC, AHIMA, and acquired countless certifications in medical billing, coding, and credentialing. She has used her extensive training to serve as a manager for several medical practices, and as the Reimbursement Director overseeing the central billing offices for a hospital, independent surgical center, and large private medical practice. Most recently, Kelly worked as a health care consultant, focusing on cost savings, and was endorsed by the American Medical Association as an expert in medical practice operations.

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Our goal is to serve as a resource for students seeking a reputable online billing and coding program that matches their educational and professional goals. Our list of online programs was created using a unique rating system and is no way exhaustive or representative of every school in the U.S. offering a particular medical billing and coding degree, certificate, diploma, or other program.

Some of the schools featured across our site are partner schools. When users choose to receive more information about a partner school through our services, we may be compensated by that school. All of these schools are clearly labeled as “Sponsored,” “Featured,” or something similar. Details about a program offered through a sponsored school have been provided by that school and have not been independently verified by our team of editors.

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